Corporate wellness program

A company’s success is heavily reliant on the performance of its employees, so it’s imperative for them to be in good mental and physical shape to perform their roles to the fullest. This is an effective approach to health promotion and the holistic development of employees.

We help employees perform better, boost employee morale, enhance job satisfaction, prevent lost time due to illness, stress, or absenteeism, employee retention, and more. In all, it benefits both employees and employers.

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Pro Health

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Service 3

Advanced care

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Mind training

Our offerings

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Multimodal support:

Connect over chat, audio, video or in-person sessions.

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In-depth analytics:

Quarterly anonymized report on usage and insights.

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Self-help tools:

Access to 2000+ articles, videos and self-assessments and daily health tips.

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Online & onsite workshops:

Recurring awareness and group sessions online/onsite.

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Customized healthcare:

On maternity, disease reversal, smoking cessation and 100+ other topics.

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Lab tests at your doorstep:

Discounts up to 20% on NABL-accredited lab tests and at-home tests in multiple cities.

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